6 health fruit that men should eat during the summer

6 health fruit that men should eat during the summer

Chhaya plants that originate in South Africa is to contain vitamin Spinach from 2 to 3 times.Chhaya original shape and appearance resembles cassava, but it does not tubers like cassava.
Dr. Sang Koma, president of the Center for Research and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC), said to be the information center tamarind that 'stems and leaves of plants Chhaya is taken into the channel with pork or beef has such channel with kale, too , but has a sweet taste than broccoli .The source of the plant Chhaya is sourced from South Africa, which has vitamin excess Spinach number from 2 to 3 times. '
He called on citizens Khmer Chhaya took and planted in the ground or its farmland to prevention and vegetables to cooking, which contains highly nutritious.
Chhaya current CEDAC office in a number of provinces, cities, and also in some people's plantation land in the country as well.
Foreign: Winter is not only that all men need to pay attention to health, but men should also know how health care during the summer as well.
Here is a healthy fruit 6 that a man should eat during the summer:
១. ផ្លែ Blackberries
Contains fiber, potassium, vitamin C and high in vitamin K, which can eat it to help support eye health and anti-prostate cancer.
2. Watermelons
The most popular fruits they eat during the summer because it contains 92 percent water, which can help keep your skin moist.
3. Papaya
Contains vitamins A, E and vitamin C, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
4. Pineapples
Vitamin C, B, copper and fiber contained in pineapples can help strengthen the immune system, increase energy and aid to men's sexual health.
5. Guava
Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6, as well as vitamins A, C and fiber is the most important compound in guava, which can help keep the digestive system and immune system enhancing.
6. Kiwi fruit
Studies show that a Kiwi fruit contains more vitamin C than oranges. Hence choosing Kiwi fruit to eat during the summer is very important for intestinal health and cancer prevention. Moreover, Kiwi fruit also contain potassium, copper, magnesium and vitamin E, which can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
Eating grapes may mean for health?

Eating grapes may mean for health?

Foreign: now they observed that products made ​​of grapes are very popular on the market all over the world, such as beverages, confectionery and red wine. Moreover, the vineyard as well as fruits and desserts that are also healthy benefits.
To see if the vine positive health for all, read the following article:
1. Cancer Prevention
Antioxidants contained in its beak grapes may help prevent some types of cancer, such as lung, mouth, throat, uterus, pancreas and prostate.
2. Anti-inflammatory
Fiber and potassium in vintage anti-inflammatory may help reduce the risk of blood clots and cardiovascular health.
3. Prevent high blood pressure jumps
Did you know that potassium has many benefits for your physical health, if low levels of potassium can cause disease, high blood pressure skyrocketing. Therefore, you should eat grapes because potassium broth can help prevent high blood pressure skyrocketing.
4. Facilitate defecation
If you have problems with constipation can eat grapes to facilitate defecation.
5. Allergic reaction
Eating grapes may help reduce allergic symptoms such as runny nose, water eyes and rashes, hives.

11 worst nightmare could happen while traveling

ndeed, if unfortunate encounter below for a tour, it would be worse nightmare.

1. Being Defrauded

Nobody knows before been in a tour can see how many good, many bad people. Fraud travelers most common driver status remains as decoy for the sights, shopping, ... They will give you a very cheap price for transportation to where you want to, but you need to arrive they require to buy. Of course, where the sale price is usually quite high, even fraudulent.
Acmong A1

2. Lost wallet

Lost wallet and money to bring the entire trip is probably the worst thing is hard to describe in words. Not to mention you have to quickly call the bank to request the account lock. But would very tired if your wallet has the paperwork but sometimes it is more important than the money.
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Sometimes the wallet has much more important than money.

3. Meet robbery

Certainly not anything worse than robbery you encounter in your journey, luck can only be crooks pickpockets. Since no one can know have occurred dispute, fight, ... when you grab his property back and pulling the bandit or not!

4. Room reservation canceled

Nothing worse after a long trip, get answers at the hotel reception: your name is not in the list of reservations. This may be due to faulty data or update call recipient you have forgotten your reservation for your name on the list. To bad things can not happen on, get a firm online booking service, they will ensure your availability is guaranteed and care you until you are satisfied with the right kind of room has put.
Look for reputable sites for hotel reservations to avoid anxiety canceled room.

5. neglect, dropped valuables

While happy, in high spirits during the trip or shopping absorbed tens of items. It had somewhere to stay, eat and drink, toilet, ... very easy to forget the situation that map. What is worrying is that sometimes very valuable items, however due to forgotten or dropped, it is difficult to find it.

6. Delayed flights

Missed flight for one reason or another not quite incapable. Even, sometimes it happens very ungainly, such as: traffic, see upside of information, sleeping, ... Many of you even so unfortunately cheap airfares that put many travelers at once sometimes late a trip, the trip is also considered complete rest.
Acmong A5
Sleeping at the airport are not uncommon. (Illustration).

7. Vehicles damaged in road wilderness

Rent motorbike or moved by the public transport such as buses, coaches, ... via the long way if a problem will not be uncomfortable. In addition to waiting for "relief", may lose more money, it also makes your trip more time consuming and some plans have unfinished.
Acmong A7

8. Causing traffic accidents

When using car hire at a strange place, thus causing traffic accidents will be the one thing you do not want. When an accident happens, you will face a lot of hassle: Car trapped, meet local police, in cash, ...
Acmong A3
Best when accidents, make good cooperation with the police, not to oppose or escape, which only makes your crime worse. Before the self-drive car hire, learn carefully the traffic rules in the locality where you come.

9.Mat passport

Without a passport, you may have difficulty to exit and return home. This is one of the big trouble without a tourist that wishes to have "experience". Before traveling, make a photocopy of passport, identity card and driving license and packed in suitcases containing clothing. When the passport is lost, please bring it to the embassy of his country in that country are tourism and requests a new passport.
Acmong A11

10. Meet "accident" surprise

Dream trip turns into a nightmare if you have an injury or serious illness along the way, such as a broken leg, appendicitis, ... Find out about travel insurance you buy to make sure that they will pay you any health risks. Also ask the help of the embassy to find good local hospital for treatment.
Acmong A10

11. To the lost children

When lead children to crowded places like fairs and amusement parks, the naughty and busy playing, plus the absently of adults can lead to them getting lost. In this case promptly inform the protected area, the police to ask for help. Before the children to crowded places, take a photo of them, a precaution if something goes wrong you can provide accurate information to the authorities.
Acmong A9
Brilliant light festival in Sydney

Brilliant light festival in Sydney

In the first days of summer, Sydney was lit in thousands of twinkling LED lights.
From 24/5 - 10/6 each year, visitors to Sydney will see light festival colorful, jubilant music, taking place across all roads, squares, docks in Sydney.
Festival of Light in Sydney
Festival of Light in Sydney
Most prominent among these is the festival of light Vivid Light ceremony, held at 6 pm each evening. At this time, local artists and guests will use projection systems and light to transform the Sydney Opera House and other major buildings into a contemporary painting with the support of 3D projectors and 1.056 million LED lights.
Festival of Light in Sydney
Festival of Light in Sydney
The idea of ​​light performances are recreated in Sydney night light in winter, when the weather is dry and blue. This year, although it was raining but the opening date is still very great welcome guests to admire.
Festival of Light in Sydney
Festival of Light in Sydney
In addition to the lighting performance impressive, guests also participated in the musical performances with the participation of famous artists Australia and around the world.
Festival of Light in Sydney
Festival of Light in Sydney
In 2012, the festival has attracted up to 500,000 people, a record number in the tourism sector and predicts this year will be even higher.
Festival of Light in SydneyThis event also attracted photographers and amateur photographers around the world with artists, street magician to perform their abilities in public. All made a banquet screen combines light, sound and art full of attraction for tourists.

Festival of Light in Sydney

Festival of Light in Sydney

Festival of Light in Sydney

Festival of Light in Sydney
Festival of Light in Sydney

Things you might not know about Australia

Enjoy perfect holiday in Brisbane - a city of sophistication and brilliant sunshine on the Brisbane River windy.
Day 1: Visiting cultural and subtle modern touches characteristic of the city.
Stroll the streets dome, one of Brisbane's cultural heritage, and to participate in quam shopping over 500 stores in Queen Street Mall, commercial center of the city.
Stroll the streets dome, one of Brisbane's cultural heritage, and to participate in quam shopping over 500 stores in Queen Street Mall, commercial center of the city.
Picnic in the gardens at South Bank Parklands
Picnic in the gardens at South Bank Parklands 

Go ferris panoramic sparkling city in Queensland Cultural Centre

Day 2: Relaxing and looking for romantic feeling
Outdoor breakfast along tree-lined road in Brunswick Mall
Outdoor breakfast along tree-lined road in Brunswick Mall 
Not to be missed New Farm Park
Not to be missed New Farm Park 
From the city, visitors can take a bus to the scenic point-tha Lookout Mt Cooot, where guests can enjoy panoramic Brisbane to Moreton Bay and the Glasshouse Mountains
From the city, visitors can take a bus to the scenic point-tha Lookout Mt Cooot, where guests can enjoy panoramic Brisbane to Moreton Bay and the Glasshouse Mountains

Day 3: Moreton Island, one of the world's largest sand island and close like a national park.
Moreton Bay - beautiful blue
Moreton Bay - beautiful blue 
Slide down the world's largest sand dune at Mt Tempest
Slide down the world's largest sand dune at Mt Tempest 
At night you can go to the beach Tangalooma, then sleep outside at one of the campsites.  Or go back to Brisbane to dinner in the multicultural West End.
At night you can go to the beach Tangalooma, then sleep outside at one of the campsites.Or go back to Brisbane to dinner in the multicultural West End.

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, Australia, approximately 900km from Sydney to the north. Even in Brisbane, guests can spend unforgettable time period when experience life in the villages between the cities, explore the offshore island, a little farther to the reef was named World Heritage - Great Barrier ... iVIVU introduce some basic information for the journey to discover your Brisbane.

Brisbane - City waterfront

Climate Brisbane

Brisbane has a subtropical climate, year-round warm weather. In summer (December to February), the highest average temperature of about 30 ° C. The city often have heavy rain in the summer, sometimes torrential rain accompanied by thunder. God may very wet during this time.
Generally, dry winter warmth and comfort. Most sunny winter days with an average temperature of about 17 ° C. Average monthly rainfall of about 96 mm in year.

Go to Brisbane

  • Brisbane Airport from the city center 20 km to the northeast of Eagle Farm.
  • There are many direct flights from Canberra or some other region in and outside Australia to Brisbane.
  • The airline operators including Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Qantas.
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Brisbane Story Bridge sunset side

Travel from the airport to the city

AirTrain (Metro): Every 15 minutes a trip, stop in the CBD (Central), South Bank, Fortitude Valley and Roma Street station. If on the AirTrain to the terminal station in the city of Price: $ 16 / ticket / adult, round-trip ticket: $ 30 / ticket / adults. The entire route Runtime: 30 minutes; uptime: 5h00 - 22h00.
Coachtrans (a passenger car): Maybe in Brisbane or Gold Coast travel by car. Fares to the city center: $ 20 / ticket / adults, tickets to Gold Coast: $ 44 / ticket / adults. Driving time depending on the traffic situation, about 20-60 minutes.
The most economical way to move is up T-bus vehicles in DFO / Number 1 Airport Village, then back on the bus 369 to Eagle Junction Station, from where you will up the tram into the city center. You should buy cards Go Card AirTrain station to transportation ($ 30 card for $ 5 a bond which can retrieve and $ 25 to move) and savings, fares only from 3-5 $ / tickets / afternoon.
Taxi : From the airport into the center costs about $ 35. May suggest a taxi driver for the package price.

Going back in Brisbane

Bike: You can hire at Brisbane Botanic Gardens (Brisbane City Botanic Gardens) or the CityCycle, cost about $ 2 / day. Note cycling in Brisbane mandatory helmet, otherwise it may be fined up to $ 120.
Green Cabs: Another type of environmentally friendly taxi, carrying a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. You can find this vehicle at West End, South Bank, the CBD (central administration), Fortitude Valley and along the two river banks. Prices start at $ 5 / km and passenger received by tour.
Taxi:   a lot, but the cost is quite expensive
Cars: Many roads in Brisbane only 1 way, if you need to observe self-drive city maps and route choices before. In the city center there are 1 parking, $ 40 / day and $ 15 if you arrive before 9:00 am and after 16:00. Some suburban roads or toll tunnels (eg Clem 7 Tunnel), only accept prepaid via the website. You can rent a car at the airport or downtown area
Motorcycle: administrative center rather crowded and lack of parking space for cars, so traveling by motorcycle more convenient and no cost roadside parking. However Scooter (cc small motorcycle under 50cc) are not allowed to go on one of the highway and restricted speed of just under 55km / h.
Public transport: passenger ferries (cityferry and CityCATs), trams and buses are ticketing system at the Translink. Guests can purchase Go Card card.

Some attractions

Queensland Cultural Centre in South Bank: admire the famous works of art by artists in Australia Queensland Art Gallery and the Museum of Queensland.
Central Queensland Performing Arts : Place perform Ballet, Opera or Symphony quality.
Moreton Bay : Cluster gorgeous island with Stradboke North Island, Scarborough (where the Great Barrier Reef is famous), Island or Moreton Island Bribi ... Tourists can visit the entire bay on a boat, snorkeling or scuba diving participation sea ​​sports interesting.
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Coral in Scarborough
Fortitude Valley - Brisbane's cultural center: Listen to live music, shop along the lively outdoor shop and banquet dumplings in Chinatown
Adjacent Fortitude Valley is New Farm , where visitors can sit in the cafe is very stylish to look at passersby, purchase your favorite dishes at the food stores and popular picnic at the park side of River.
Climb the Kangaroo Point Cliffs in the early morning or evening when the city is lit by the lights.
Redcliffe Peninsula , just 30 minutes away from the north of Brisbane: Where you can see firsthand the whales and resting in pure sea space.
Tourism Australia - Brisbane - New Farm - iVIVU.com
New Farm scene - Can not be more romantic ...

Festival in Brisbane

Brisbane Festival : Annual festival in Brisbane's largest, held in September with many recreational activities at the center and along the two sides of the river. The evening will be a fireworks demonstration.
Queensland Royal Festival (Royal Queensland Show, or The EKKA), taking place in August in about 1 week. Location: RNA Showgrounds Bowen Hills suburbs. Activities include horse racing, fairs, amusement ...
The Brisbane Powerhouse festival : Performing Arts at New Farm, Queensland, Australia.Special visitors are treated to complimentary dinner at Bar Restaurant + Bar Alto or Watt.
Paniyiri Greek Festival Festival at Musgrave Park: Festival food colors and culture of public Greece Greek Street in Brisbane.