ndeed, if unfortunate encounter below for a tour, it would be worse nightmare.

1. Being Defrauded

Nobody knows before been in a tour can see how many good, many bad people. Fraud travelers most common driver status remains as decoy for the sights, shopping, ... They will give you a very cheap price for transportation to where you want to, but you need to arrive they require to buy. Of course, where the sale price is usually quite high, even fraudulent.
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2. Lost wallet

Lost wallet and money to bring the entire trip is probably the worst thing is hard to describe in words. Not to mention you have to quickly call the bank to request the account lock. But would very tired if your wallet has the paperwork but sometimes it is more important than the money.
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Sometimes the wallet has much more important than money.

3. Meet robbery

Certainly not anything worse than robbery you encounter in your journey, luck can only be crooks pickpockets. Since no one can know have occurred dispute, fight, ... when you grab his property back and pulling the bandit or not!

4. Room reservation canceled

Nothing worse after a long trip, get answers at the hotel reception: your name is not in the list of reservations. This may be due to faulty data or update call recipient you have forgotten your reservation for your name on the list. To bad things can not happen on, get a firm online booking service, they will ensure your availability is guaranteed and care you until you are satisfied with the right kind of room has put.
Look for reputable sites for hotel reservations to avoid anxiety canceled room.

5. neglect, dropped valuables

While happy, in high spirits during the trip or shopping absorbed tens of items. It had somewhere to stay, eat and drink, toilet, ... very easy to forget the situation that map. What is worrying is that sometimes very valuable items, however due to forgotten or dropped, it is difficult to find it.

6. Delayed flights

Missed flight for one reason or another not quite incapable. Even, sometimes it happens very ungainly, such as: traffic, see upside of information, sleeping, ... Many of you even so unfortunately cheap airfares that put many travelers at once sometimes late a trip, the trip is also considered complete rest.
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Sleeping at the airport are not uncommon. (Illustration).

7. Vehicles damaged in road wilderness

Rent motorbike or moved by the public transport such as buses, coaches, ... via the long way if a problem will not be uncomfortable. In addition to waiting for "relief", may lose more money, it also makes your trip more time consuming and some plans have unfinished.
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8. Causing traffic accidents

When using car hire at a strange place, thus causing traffic accidents will be the one thing you do not want. When an accident happens, you will face a lot of hassle: Car trapped, meet local police, in cash, ...
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Best when accidents, make good cooperation with the police, not to oppose or escape, which only makes your crime worse. Before the self-drive car hire, learn carefully the traffic rules in the locality where you come.

9.Mat passport

Without a passport, you may have difficulty to exit and return home. This is one of the big trouble without a tourist that wishes to have "experience". Before traveling, make a photocopy of passport, identity card and driving license and packed in suitcases containing clothing. When the passport is lost, please bring it to the embassy of his country in that country are tourism and requests a new passport.
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10. Meet "accident" surprise

Dream trip turns into a nightmare if you have an injury or serious illness along the way, such as a broken leg, appendicitis, ... Find out about travel insurance you buy to make sure that they will pay you any health risks. Also ask the help of the embassy to find good local hospital for treatment.
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11. To the lost children

When lead children to crowded places like fairs and amusement parks, the naughty and busy playing, plus the absently of adults can lead to them getting lost. In this case promptly inform the protected area, the police to ask for help. Before the children to crowded places, take a photo of them, a precaution if something goes wrong you can provide accurate information to the authorities.
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