Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, Australia, approximately 900km from Sydney to the north. Even in Brisbane, guests can spend unforgettable time period when experience life in the villages between the cities, explore the offshore island, a little farther to the reef was named World Heritage - Great Barrier ... iVIVU introduce some basic information for the journey to discover your Brisbane.

Brisbane - City waterfront

Climate Brisbane

Brisbane has a subtropical climate, year-round warm weather. In summer (December to February), the highest average temperature of about 30 ° C. The city often have heavy rain in the summer, sometimes torrential rain accompanied by thunder. God may very wet during this time.
Generally, dry winter warmth and comfort. Most sunny winter days with an average temperature of about 17 ° C. Average monthly rainfall of about 96 mm in year.

Go to Brisbane

  • Brisbane Airport from the city center 20 km to the northeast of Eagle Farm.
  • There are many direct flights from Canberra or some other region in and outside Australia to Brisbane.
  • The airline operators including Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Qantas.
Tourism Australia - Brisbane -
Brisbane Story Bridge sunset side

Travel from the airport to the city

AirTrain (Metro): Every 15 minutes a trip, stop in the CBD (Central), South Bank, Fortitude Valley and Roma Street station. If on the AirTrain to the terminal station in the city of Price: $ 16 / ticket / adult, round-trip ticket: $ 30 / ticket / adults. The entire route Runtime: 30 minutes; uptime: 5h00 - 22h00.
Coachtrans (a passenger car): Maybe in Brisbane or Gold Coast travel by car. Fares to the city center: $ 20 / ticket / adults, tickets to Gold Coast: $ 44 / ticket / adults. Driving time depending on the traffic situation, about 20-60 minutes.
The most economical way to move is up T-bus vehicles in DFO / Number 1 Airport Village, then back on the bus 369 to Eagle Junction Station, from where you will up the tram into the city center. You should buy cards Go Card AirTrain station to transportation ($ 30 card for $ 5 a bond which can retrieve and $ 25 to move) and savings, fares only from 3-5 $ / tickets / afternoon.
Taxi : From the airport into the center costs about $ 35. May suggest a taxi driver for the package price.

Going back in Brisbane

Bike: You can hire at Brisbane Botanic Gardens (Brisbane City Botanic Gardens) or the CityCycle, cost about $ 2 / day. Note cycling in Brisbane mandatory helmet, otherwise it may be fined up to $ 120.
Green Cabs: Another type of environmentally friendly taxi, carrying a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. You can find this vehicle at West End, South Bank, the CBD (central administration), Fortitude Valley and along the two river banks. Prices start at $ 5 / km and passenger received by tour.
Taxi:   a lot, but the cost is quite expensive
Cars: Many roads in Brisbane only 1 way, if you need to observe self-drive city maps and route choices before. In the city center there are 1 parking, $ 40 / day and $ 15 if you arrive before 9:00 am and after 16:00. Some suburban roads or toll tunnels (eg Clem 7 Tunnel), only accept prepaid via the website. You can rent a car at the airport or downtown area
Motorcycle: administrative center rather crowded and lack of parking space for cars, so traveling by motorcycle more convenient and no cost roadside parking. However Scooter (cc small motorcycle under 50cc) are not allowed to go on one of the highway and restricted speed of just under 55km / h.
Public transport: passenger ferries (cityferry and CityCATs), trams and buses are ticketing system at the Translink. Guests can purchase Go Card card.

Some attractions

Queensland Cultural Centre in South Bank: admire the famous works of art by artists in Australia Queensland Art Gallery and the Museum of Queensland.
Central Queensland Performing Arts : Place perform Ballet, Opera or Symphony quality.
Moreton Bay : Cluster gorgeous island with Stradboke North Island, Scarborough (where the Great Barrier Reef is famous), Island or Moreton Island Bribi ... Tourists can visit the entire bay on a boat, snorkeling or scuba diving participation sea ​​sports interesting.
Tourism Brisbane - Australia - Great Barrier -
Coral in Scarborough
Fortitude Valley - Brisbane's cultural center: Listen to live music, shop along the lively outdoor shop and banquet dumplings in Chinatown
Adjacent Fortitude Valley is New Farm , where visitors can sit in the cafe is very stylish to look at passersby, purchase your favorite dishes at the food stores and popular picnic at the park side of River.
Climb the Kangaroo Point Cliffs in the early morning or evening when the city is lit by the lights.
Redcliffe Peninsula , just 30 minutes away from the north of Brisbane: Where you can see firsthand the whales and resting in pure sea space.
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New Farm scene - Can not be more romantic ...

Festival in Brisbane

Brisbane Festival : Annual festival in Brisbane's largest, held in September with many recreational activities at the center and along the two sides of the river. The evening will be a fireworks demonstration.
Queensland Royal Festival (Royal Queensland Show, or The EKKA), taking place in August in about 1 week. Location: RNA Showgrounds Bowen Hills suburbs. Activities include horse racing, fairs, amusement ...
The Brisbane Powerhouse festival : Performing Arts at New Farm, Queensland, Australia.Special visitors are treated to complimentary dinner at Bar Restaurant + Bar Alto or Watt.
Paniyiri Greek Festival Festival at Musgrave Park: Festival food colors and culture of public Greece Greek Street in Brisbane.

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