Try Not to Get Sunburned in One of those South American Beaches

If you are tired of your life and you need just to rest and relax, you should consider going to South America and visit one of those exotic South American Beaches. You can go to Brazil and visit the Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro or Baia Do Sancho, or maybe visit Chile and check out Anakena or Renaca beach. Colombia and Uruguay are also here for you to go and get lost in the nature.
These South American Beaches will make you forget about everything that has been bothering you. The exoticness will charm you and that would be the best time of your life.

Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema is a neighbourhood in Rio De Janeiro. It is in the South Zone of the city and it is the most famous for the beautiful beaches. It is known as the best urban beaches in the whole world.

Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1 South American Beaches
Image by Max and Karánn via Flickr
Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2 South American Beaches
Image by K Thomason via Flickr
Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 3 South American Beaches
Image by Edmund via Flickr

Anakena, Chile

In the Easter Island in Pacific Ocean, a white coral sand beach is settled and yes, it is the Anakena beach.
Anakena, Chile 1 South American Beaches
Image by Judah Morford via Flickr
Anakena, Chile 2
Image by chococliff via Flickr

Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Located in southern Uruguay, Punta Del Este is a popular tourist destination that has been visited by many tourists each year.
Punta Del Este, Uruguay 1
Image by Zhu via Flickr
Punta Del Este, Uruguay 2
Image by diego villegas via Flickr

Renaca, Chile

In the city of Vina del Mar in Chile, there is a beautiful beach called Renaca. No more words needed, just look at the photos below.
Renaca, Chile 1
Image by luis sandoval via Flickr
Renaca, Chile 2
Image by Rafael Alvez via Flickr
Renaca, Chile 3
Image by Gord McKenna via Flickr

Baia Do Sancho, Brazil

This beach is located in the archipelago called Fernando de Noronha. An amazing nature can be found surrounding this beach. Baia do Sancho is a real paradise.
Baia Do Sancho, Brazil 1
Image by Mathieu Bertrand Struck via Flickr
Baia Do Sancho, Brazil 2
Image by Almir de Freitas via Flickr

Tayrona, Colombia

Tayrona is a National Park in Columbia. It is located in the northern part of the country at the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Try not to get caught by the Pirates of the Caribbeans…. Just kidding you can only get caught by the restful magic.
Tayrona, Colombia 1
Image by Jelen_Photos via Flickr
Tayrona, Colombia 2
Image by Chris Ford via Flickr

2015’s Best Festivals in New Orleans

Festivals. We take months planning them, marking them with little hearts and stars in our calendars, mapping the routes out on our smartphones, and buying new outfits to flaunt. They give us pre-roller coaster jitters and make us forget about our at-home worries. Whether you’re looking for a summer vacation or a week to let loose, New Orleans offers up some of the top festivals in the U.S. for 2015. Mark your calendar and get ready to take a trip worth remembering.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Even if you don’t fancy jazz music, this festival has something for you. Featuring many different generas like hip-hop, rock, indie, and funk, this two-weekend, seven-day music festival is a tantalizing experience just within your reach. Get the most out of your festival trip by snagging a nearby New Orleans hotel. During the weekends of April 24-26 and April 30-May 3, you can listen to performers like Lady Gaga, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, and some of the most famous names in jazz music like Trombone Shorty at the Fair Grounds for around $58 in advance, and $70 at the gate.

Image by Jonathan E. Shaw via Flickr
Although music is star at this festival, the food and arts and crafts aren’t to be forgotten. Watch the Mardi Gras Indians, or browse the contemporary, local pottery. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is at the top of this list, and should be at the top of yours.

Voodoo Music & Arts Experience

This weekend-long festival that began in 1999 has become a cult-like tradition to the people of New Orleans and tourists alike. Although the date is still to be announced, the festival will take place in City Park. In the morning, smaller bands and artists play and the day crescendos to bigger music talents. During the weekend, the city also homes clothing, jewelry, and art made my local shops and artists.
Keep up-to-date on the festival and stay tuned to find out the ticket-costs and who might be headlining this year.
Voodoo Fest 2008, New Orleans
Image by ** Parapluie ** via Flickr

Southern Decadence

Lovingly nicknamed the, “Gay Mardis Gras,” this Labor Day Weekend event can be attended for free! This celebration of LGBT culture showcases elaborate costumes, DJs and music, contests, and drag shows. Marchers start at the Golden Lantern Bar and strut their stuff through the French Quarter. Stay tuned for special weekend themes, with past themes like “Jazz and Jezebels,” “Leather and Feathers,” and “Decadence Does Disco.”
Southern Decadence, New Orleans
Image by EgOiStE via Flickr

New Orleans Film Fest

Are you an unabashed movie buff? October 15-22, this citywide festival put on by the New Orleans Film Society lets filmmakers, both new and old, showcase their newest works. Thousands of producers, writers, and actors attend this festival and are shown in New Orlean’s greatest theaters, like the theater at the Canal Place.
New Orleans Film Festival
Image via / facebook
The festival is a nonprofit that also provides speakers, mentorships, and workshops among film showings which are open to anyone. Whether you’re a film-lover or filmmaker, the New Orleans Film Fest has plenty for you to take-in.
In 2015, festivals are commonplace throughout the U.S. However, New Orleans has always hosted some of the greatest. Whether you’re a film-buff, a costume-curator, a music-lover, or an arts and crafts queen or king, New Orleans has something for you.

Galapagos Islands – Evidence Of the Evolution of The World

There are places on earth that can disappear before you get a chance to visit. The irony is that most of them disappear as people flock to see their beauty and do not care about the effect that they have on the environment. By visiting the Galapagos archipelago you will understand why the scientist Charles Darwin chose this place for the creation of his scientific theory about the origin of species. In 1835 he stayed there about two months writing down and drawing each plant and animal he had encountered.
Biologists who work on the ships are trying at all ways to preserve the islands in the original form. It is prohibited to carry food, so tourists may take only water. Also the animals should not be touched.

Image by Peri Apex via Flickr
Galapagos Islands (5)
Image by Peri Apex via Flickr
The Galapagos Island is archipelago which is set as a magic necklace of about 13 volcanic islands and several small islands and rocks that are just below the equator on the west coast of South America. The archipelago is located 1,000 kilometers from the mainland of the Pacific Ocean. You can see animals and plants such as cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Galapagos Islands are a natural wonder in the middle of the ocean.They are located in the clash of three marine currents instead of constant seismic and volcanic activity which led to unusual fauna, huge turtles, iguana and various species of birds. This inspired Charles Darwin to formulate the theory of evolution after visiting the island.
Galapagos Islands (7)
Image by Peri Apex via Flickr
Galapagos Islands (4)
Image by Peri Apex via Flickr
Galapagos Islands (3)
Image by Peri Apex via Flickr
Although this area is considered as one of the most active volcanic areas in the world it is safe enough for fascinating and magical summer vacation. Endless magical sandy beaches and crystal clear waters will delight you from the first glance and will not let you think of your home. Endemic fauna includes unique reptiles and birds. All reptiles are endemic species, but two sea turtles. These include the Galapagos land and marine iguanas, as well as the giant tortoise with 11 subspecies different islands all of which are endangered. There are 57 species of birds of which 26 are endemic, six species of mammals and marine life including several species of sharks, whales and fish.
Galapagos Islands (1)
Image by Paul Krawczuk via Flickr
Galapagos Islands (6)
Image by Peri Apex via Flickr

Hamilton Pool Preserve – Impressive Natural Paradise

Do you think that pools, spas and spa baths are human inventions? If your answer is positive, you are wrong. At this amazing world exist excellent natural reservoirs which are created, shaped and formed by natural forces and then flooded with water from groundwater or waterfalls. Some are better than water parks! In addition, we encounter the wonderful heavenly place…
Hamilton without doubt one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world surrounded by lush vegetation and rich fauna, natural reserve that is home to rare plant and animal species. Hamilton Pool is one of the most interesting tourist destinations and the same is becoming more popular thanks to the photos and that are shared over the internet. But, let the pictures be just your encouragement to visit this magical place if you have a chance.

Image by Brendan T Lynch via Flickr
Hamilton Pool (6)
Image by Sandra Hintzman via Flickr
Hamilton Pool Preserve! Hamilton pool is located in the US state of Texas, half an hour from the city of Austin. It is situated exactly 37 kilometers west of the city Austin. Since 1960, Hamilton pool was a favorite place for cooling in summer days for residents and visitors to the city. Now it is one of the most impressive and most unique natural attractions. Hamilton Pool Preserve is formed thousand years ago, when large areas of the country collapsed on underwater river due to erosion. Pool is green, surrounded by rocks and large stalactites hanging from the edges of the cliffs, falling into a waterfall of 15 meters.

Also, the semi arched rock structure that is formed over the pool provides enormous shade where you can relax and enjoy before and after swimming. People who are responsible for maintaining this wonderful place have expressed their concern that perhaps the increased attendance at the place could affect the maintenance and damage to this natural phenomenon and stunning beauty. But, in considering that it is a place from fairytales, many believe that no one would try at even the slightest extent to disfigure that perfection.
Hamilton Pool (1)
Image by Brian Moran via Flickr
Hamilton Pool (2)
Image by Sandra Hintzman via Flickr
Hamilton Pool (5)
Image by Brian Moran via Flickr

Destination For This Summer: Xcaret Park in Mexico

Do you fit into the group of lucky ones who can afford the trip and crazy party in one of the amusement parks throughout Europe this summer? If the answer is positive we present one of the most famous and most visited parks at the world. Fun, good mood and unforgettable moments will be guaranteed.
Cultural heritage and love for the environment without a doubt will make this summer unforgettable. This park is the largest outdoor aquarium in the world. It combines the beauty of the turquoise lagoon and the thick tropical vegetation. Go there and enjoy at life.

Xcaret Park
We are talking about Xcaret Park located in Mexico. The park was established in 1980 and from 1995 is under the ruler ship and marketing of private international company which has a 30-year concession agreement for the management. The unique water park is the work of architect Miguel Quintana Pali. He got the idea to make Ecological Park and the result is a wonderful place with authentic architecture of the ancient Maya. Xcaret Park is focused around a narrow natural flow and lagoon. It represents a mixture of salt water with underground water currents.
Xcaret Park

Mendoza – Irresistible Wine Destination

Vacations are an ideal time to change daily habits and routines that fulfilled everyday life. The purpose of a romantic trip is to leave the routine and stressful life and to focus your attention on love and something beautiful. Going on such destination that is different from everyday life helps to improve your mood and bring a little magic in ordinary days.
You can explore Mendoza, to ride horses, to visit the spa center, fishing on the river Mendoza, or to relax by the pool. And of course, do not forget to enjoy at romantic dinner with an excellent meal and glass of the best wines from the region.

Viñedos de
Ciudad de
Definitely the romantic trip fit with a good wine. If you are a big fan of wine, you know that wine culture involves knowledge of its history. There are various sorts of wine that are collected on one best plantation. We are talking about the province of Mendoza which is located in Argentina. Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza, which is located on the eastern side of the Andes. The city is a popular tourist destination not only for its wines, but also because of the proximity of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in North and South America. Mendoza also offers access to beautiful scenery and adventures such as hiking, horseback riding, rafting and more.
Mendoza Vineyard

However, organized visits to wineries and wine tasting are the main attractions in the province with more than 1,200 vineyards. It is interesting to mention that in the beautiful ambience of Argentina’s wine country, near the foothills of the Andes is located magical Vines Resort & Spa. This is the perfect place for those who like wine, outdoor adventure and exploration. Guests of the resort can choose from one of 22 beautiful stone villas which contribute to the idyllic atmosphere.
Mendoza by horse-6
Ruta 7 - Mendoza - Argentina
Mendoza - Plaza de la Independencia

Where to Ski in America

Many ask where to ski in America. It’s a valid question because there are practically countless resorts. Wherever the suggestion of a mountain or wintertime is, a ski slope can be found. The question becomes: which are the best slopes to hit? Well, for those in school of any calibre, there are a number of reputable resorts with group amenities. Below listed are five top-rated ski resorts in America. These five resorts also cater specifically to school and group needs.
For those visiting the east coast, Cannon is one of New Hampshire’s most vetted resorts. With the longest vertical run in the state, exceptional accommodations, as well as proximity to resorts Waterville Valley and Loon on either side, this idyllic resort is a wonderful first outing for skiers new to America and the east coast. It snows on average four metres every season, but if there’s a dry spell the folks running the resort have the technology to keep those slopes perpetually fluffy.

Loon is right near Cannon, and there are some deals where a school trip can get a free stopover in Boston; so research accordingly to find additional offerings with package trips. Voted in the top ten American ski resorts, its no wonder this is a top-of-the-head response people give when asked where to ski in America. Loon has some excellent slopes, and of course the modern amenities one comes to expect in a ski resort. There are also many off-slope activities for those in the group not so inclined to the experience. Loon’s resort covers three peaks, which have a variety of beginner and advanced runs.
Looking toward the Kankamangus base area
Sugarloaf is just plain sweet. Located in Maine, ‘The Loaf’ is known as the largest resort on the east coast. It’s also the only location in the north east where somebody can go skiing above the tree line, if they so desire. There is definitely an iconic depth to the visuals surrounding Sugarloaf, but infrastructure has by no means left this location bereft of anything. The resort is massive, the vistas are wonderful, the slopes are great, and school package trips are directly available. Check out Sugarloaf for a great time.
Now Sunday River offers eight interconnected peaks with their own particular eccentricities and offerings. There are runs to accommodate the seasoned skiier, but just as many for the beginner. Sunday River has some excellent options for the individual who has time enough to explore them. It gets four and a quarter metres of snow on the yearly, so slopes are always powdery white. There’s a reason a lot of travelers answer “Sunday River” when asked where to ski in America.
2012_Jan_22_Sunday River_009
Finally there’s Waterville Valley. The best slope for beginners, this resort is never too crowded, and the advanced skiers will find happiness as well, since many past Olympians have made this resort their home base. There is a substantial effort made to accommodate school trips, and many come back with nothing but excellent remarks about the amenities and beauty of the slopes.
a good breaktime with good friends!
So these have been five excellent slopes for school trips. For the group traveling from the UK, Ski Adaptable is a service which works in coordination of the many ski resorts and packages available. A trip to Boston is included with any of the packages that cater to the specific resorts mentioned above, so that doubles the educational opportunities of a potential outing. It’s easy to get quotes on Ski Adaptable’s website, and there are sure to be options to fit any group’s requirements. For deals at some of the best resorts in America, check out Ski Adaptable.

Costa Rica’s Envision Festival 2015 Video Recap Will Take Your Breath Away

ENVISION FESTIVAL – COSTA RICA has released an awe-inspiring VIDEO RECAP OF ENVISION 2015 produced by Pure Souls Media. The breathtaking video shows global revelers celebrating unity and life amidst Envision’s world-class curation of over 50 musicians, art, workshops, and yoga classes all set amongst the stunning tropical oasis of Uvita, Costa Rica.
With the jungle as its backdrop, enchanting waterfalls, epic surf and crimson beach sunsets at its doorstep, the video reveals the power of Envision’s magical location while highlighting the sounds of the encompassing wildlife blended with unforgettable performances includingThe Polish Ambassador, Emancipator, Dimond-Saints, Random Rab, Groundation, Lulacruza, Faceblind, Wildlight, and Costa Rica’s own reggae band Un Rojo.

The video also showcases the breadth of activities geared toward health, education, and rejuvenation, with glimpses of yoga and movement instruction from international teachers Rachel Brathen, Meghan Currie, and Sofiah Thom, and heart opening workshops from speakers like Envision co-founder Stephen Brooks, Daniel Pinchbeck, Kaypacha, & Rosemary Gladstone. Witness the exhilarating performance art, live art installations, and monumental visionary stages utilizing natural materials that round out the life-changing Envision Festival experience.
Photography by Daniel Zetterstrom
Now in its sixth year, the four day festival returns to the indigenous jungles and sandy shorelines of Uvita, Costa Rica from February 25-28, 2016. In keeping with Envision’s environmentally regenerative initiatives, guests can expect a new site-wide water system and ground expansion at the 2015 venue, RANCHO LA MERCED. Additionally, Envision is expanding its pre and post festival events, yoga and educational retreats, and travel/adventure tours for guests to venture beyond the festival grounds and enrich their Costa Rican experience.
Photography by Daniel Zetterstrom
Envision is a true festival of the future, encompassing a cultural movement, a sustainable permaculture movement, a spiritual gathering, and an appreciation of humanity and the planet. Join us this spring for a spiritual excursion as together we Learn, Grow, and Unite as One!
Photography by Daniel Zetterstrom
The 2016 Lineup announcement will be released in the coming weeks. Check the new WEBSITE for festival facts, travel tips, survival guide, pre-and post events, and ways to participate and volunteer for the 2016 gathering. For ongoing updates, subscribe to the ENVISION FESTIVAL NEWSLETTER and connect with us on social media.
Photography by Andrew Jorgensen

Stay Connected with Envision Festival ­ Costa Rica

Photography by Andrew Jorgensen

Envision Festival – Costa Rica Mission Statement:

As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to coexist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.
Photography by Andrew Jorgensen
Photography by Mario Covic
Photography by Zipporah