We often hear people complain that they now more forgotten or difficult to remember, especially older. Is not science or any solution to the status of the brain's memory? Mrs. Daniel Perry, director of the research center associated with old (Alliance for Aging Research = AAR), said that "there are many ways that we can do to keep our brains healthy and prevent or reduce outstanding always happens when they get older. we're encouraging everyone to take measures to improve your brain health from this year onwards ".

+ AAR issued instructions 10 Things to improve your mental health, as mentioned below:
1. Eating foods that are good for your brain healthy
diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (usually omega -3 on fish), protein-oxidant fruits and vegetables vitamin B less fat and carbohydrates are moderate levels can help keep your brain healthy your.

2. Stay active brain activity, such as learning new skills or fill Busters and learning can help your brain function not a good feeling sluggish.

3. Regular physical
exercise helps increase circulation, which helps mental health and prevent some diseases can affect brain health such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
4. In social
spending time with friends, travel and voluntary work can help maintain brain health and mental activity and healthy.
5. Sleep
sleep deprivation has a negative impact on mental health. Should spend at least six hours a day to be growing while we were on holiday.
6. Managing stress Evans
exercise yoga, take time to enjoy with friends or doing other activities that relieve stress or psychological help reserve status your brain for memory and learning.
7. Prevent danger to the brain to
prevent danger to the head, such as safety helmets when riding a motorcycle or Hold belt when driving can prevent accidents which has always been linked to brain health.
8. General health checks to
maintain a healthy weight, exercise, eating a diet good for health and stress management can help reduce the risk diseases that affect the brain, including diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.
9. Avoid unhealthy habits
as smoking, alcohol use, drug can increase the risk of impairment of the brain.
 10. Think about your genes
If a family history puts you at risk for brain impairment of the ability to consult with doctor to find ways to maintain the health of the brain to help prevent or slow the progression to impaired mental capacity.

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