Red banana tastes similar to regular bananas (banana yellow), but it is slightly smaller than regular bananas. And bananas, mostly imported from Costa Rica. Red bananas are advantages 6 as follows:
  1. Low calorie load: a red banana fruit contain only 110 calories so you can eat more without worrying about calories.
  2. Vitamin B6: eating a red banana fruit you can fill the body needs vitamin B6 daily had 20 percent.
  3. Energy: banana eating red in the morning he has a strong body and brain for a day's work.
  4. Rich in fiber: a red banana fruit contains 4 grams of fiber, which accounted for 16% of total fiber, which the body needs. Fiber prevent constipation, maintain a healthy body weight to prevent disease, diabetes and heart disease.
  5. Potassium-rich: a red banana fruit contains 400 milligrams of potassium, equivalent to 11% of total body potassium needed.
  6. Rich in vitamin C: red bananas can provide vitamin C, 15% of total vitamin C, which the body needs. Vitamin C may help prevent cancer and heart disease.

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