Blood is very useful for the body with blood marrow produces blood to bring oxygen to burn energy and help bring food to support for other cells in the body.
Blood can go wrong and did not have much effect if you lack the necessary food substances in the production of blood or suffer some kind. This makes the blood to produce too much or too little.So to prevent problems related to blood should eat foods that are useful in the production of blood to reduce the risk of being anemic.

1. Diet and natural treatment
- are eating the diversity and balance 5 body to get food complete.
- Fatty acids from oily fish such as sardines, tuna, salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids this helps circulation and helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
2. Oyster mushrooms, beans, fruits,
edible foods rich in copper, which is useful, such as iron, it helps produce red blood.
- Vitamin B12 helps in the production and distribution of blood cells. This rich source of vitamins, including dairy products, eggs, fish and meat.
- Food fortification with folic acid include spinach asparagus sandekakraham Kosovo gifts, pumpkins, cucumbers Ken Loo scored helps the bone marrow produce red anemia protects organisms anemia.
- State iron anemia in women who have more erratic should eat liver, pork, eggs, red beans, wheat shell asparagus.
3. Vitamin supplements
- should copper 1 1-2 milligrams. Copper has a function similar to that of iron, it helps produce Gu Bin (hemoglobin) in the blood.
- Folic acid, 400 micrograms in 1 day, to help the bone marrow to produce red blood better.
- Iron helps in the production and quality control of blood should eat 10-15 milligrams in 1 day.
4. Foods that should be avoided
- to avoid foods that contain ingredients of Carthage (Tennin) and Nephi Tet. - the need to reduce dietary saturated fat from animals such as butter fat cheese pork sausage stain.

- To reduce the consumption of sugar high polish because it makes blood sugar levels.
- Salt or salty foods at a low level to reduce the concentration of the liquid in the body.
- Avoid drinking alcohol because it makes the blood sugar levels low.
5. Advice
- she needed sex as iron than men because of the risk for anemia, especially women living with a season. - for those who are pro-vegetarian meals are vegetarian and dairy products, so take extra vitamins, especially vitamin B12 veritable .

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