Do you fit into the group of lucky ones who can afford the trip and crazy party in one of the amusement parks throughout Europe this summer? If the answer is positive we present one of the most famous and most visited parks at the world. Fun, good mood and unforgettable moments will be guaranteed.
Cultural heritage and love for the environment without a doubt will make this summer unforgettable. This park is the largest outdoor aquarium in the world. It combines the beauty of the turquoise lagoon and the thick tropical vegetation. Go there and enjoy at life.

Xcaret Park
We are talking about Xcaret Park located in Mexico. The park was established in 1980 and from 1995 is under the ruler ship and marketing of private international company which has a 30-year concession agreement for the management. The unique water park is the work of architect Miguel Quintana Pali. He got the idea to make Ecological Park and the result is a wonderful place with authentic architecture of the ancient Maya. Xcaret Park is focused around a narrow natural flow and lagoon. It represents a mixture of salt water with underground water currents.
Xcaret Park

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