The researchers from the University of Louisiana State University, the United States has found that drinking a glass of fruit juice in the morning and evening from two weeks to increase sleep time among older people who suffer from sleep in about 90 minutes.
Not sleep (Insomnia) is a simple health problems occur in people aged 65 and over, about 23 to 34 percent. In general, this occurs an average of 3 nights a week, but the hungry from time to time, it can affect health seriously. Not sleep has been linked to increased risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes and make functional understanding also impaired .
To prevent sleep many people have spontaneously decided to use sleeping pills, but, according to Frank, L Greenway of the study claimed that this behavior can lead to more health problems. He said the drug completely sleep may be an option for young you do not sleep for insomnia elderly the drug is facing the fracture leads to premature death.
L Greenway believed that melatonin and tryptophan is a compound that helps the fruit effectively on issues not sleep. He explained that although the tryptophan in the water less than a level where people can sleep, but other compounds other fruits can prevent tryptophan from separatists, which makes it possible to  perform  functions in  the body  has more  effectiveness.

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