Generally, in order to lose fat, we always exercise. But exercise alone is not enough to make you lose body fat in your belly highly effective, especially at the bottom, you need to drink fruit and it does not affect your health. Ways to make juice, you need:
- Lemons, 1
- Parsley 60 grams
- Usually 60 mm.
How to do: First you have to squeeze lemon in a glass. Then you Stewed parsley into a small piece. Then you need to put them in a glass of orange cat and you have to take plain water containing 60 ml..

How to eat: You need to drink fruit for 6 days when you dine. Then you need to stop eating it for 10 days. It will help your digestive system to work better digestion and fat faster.  

So for the body and lose belly fat you should start  drinking  fruit  juices  simplify  this will  not need to spend more money .

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