Czech scientists claim that eating only 2 meals a day, breakfast and lunch to be filled good for you type -2 diabetes because it can help control weight and blood sugar levels irregularities.
In experiments on volunteers with diabetes type -2 54 people aged 30 to 70, for 12 weeks week found that the B2 meals very satisfied 1 2 times a day between 6 to 10 hours am and between 12 am to 4 pm, the average weight of 1.4 kg compared to the A6 meals 6 times a day. The waist B2 decreased by about 4 cm.
Dr. Hana Kahleova leaders, researchers from the Institute of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech said that this is the result of exuberant. She said patients who experience fear that they could very hungry by dinner starved. But after the experience of eating only 2 when already feeling  hungry  they  also  slow down  and get a feel enjoy. By contrast, the group that is constantly eating meals several times a day do not get any pleasure. This is very surprising.
Dr. Kahleova emphasized that this result can also be applied to people without diabetes who want to lose weight.

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