Almost everyone knows that regular exercise helps promote heart health and reduce the risk of obesity kambaong But according to new research another Irish scientists have shown that regular exercise can improve all kinds of good bacteria in the gut.
The researchers say this is very special because the decrease all kinds of bacteria in the gut related obesity and a weakened immune system.
In experiments on the rugby career of 40 people and another 46 volunteers, non-players, researchers from the University College of Cork has found that levels of inflammatory rugby players is lower than the 46 people who did not exercise or playing sports, although enzyme levels indicate muscle and tissue damage CK their high, however. The number of all types of bacteria rugby players also higher than before.
The researchers said that our findings indicate that physical activity is another important factor in the relationship between Microbiology against viruses, metabolism and diet.
Dr. Georgina Hold from the University of Aberdeen University in Scotland, said understanding the complex relationship of what we have chosen to intake, activity levels and diversity of Microbiology in the gut is the most important thing. She added that while life expectancy continues to increase, it is important to understand the best way to better health care . The issue is not more  important than  the presence  of Microbiology in us.

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