In the 1960s in Clinical Ophthalmology Clinic in addition to the usual treatment and treatment by medical doctors Russia expert ophthalmologist and surgeon named Vladimir Petrovich Filatov introduced his patients to prepare a mixture of natural herbs instead of medical treatment.

Mix mixture that can help clear eyes and prevent further weaken it.
After he discovered the formula of this nature tell patients already started using this strongly, with very positive results considerably .
The ingredients you need:
* balm kantouyokrapeu 100 mm L 
* voltage cloth mill (walnuts) 500 g 
, 300 g of honey 
and lemon juice or citric aperture 3 to 4
How to do:
First, do bratalokrapeu first: separate middle stump and middle end of the flask. Rinse with cold water and scratch tire out the meat and cut it into pieces. Then placed in a cloth wrung water.
Then juice mixed with aloe vera ingredients as described above is optional. You must drink mix one tablespoon three times a day and drink 30 minutes before the three meals. You have to eat it every day until the eye clearly visible. Besides helping the eye drinks also help to boost organic whole.
Note: You should know that balm kantouyokrapeu can affect kidney disease, severe gastrointestinal problems for the last trimester of gestation stage heart problems severe tuberculosis and hemorrhoids.
And remember, too, that aloe vera is not older than 2 or 3 years.

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