A study conducted by researchers at America published in the British Medical Journal found that people who had the opportunity survivors of the attack is likely to live for many years to come if they consume a diet rich in fiber.
Any increase fiber intake to 10 grams a day linked to a decreased risk of death from the beginning, 15 percent. The researchers say the fiber that comes from the diet may help to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels cholesterol. Fruits such as banana, apple fruit vegetables like carrots and potatoes are a good source of fiber rich foods.
The experience of men and women survived the attack phase 1 over 4 thousand sins that one in 5 people eating fiber containing a maximum of 9 years may reduce the chance of death by 25 percent.
Victoria Taylor, from the British Heart Foundation, said that foods containing fiber is an important part of the diet healthy balance.Moreover, the study  showed  that  those benefits  to  survive the attack.  We can not say for sure what caused the fiber benefits as we saw, but what we know The average is that we do not get enough fiber in the diet everyday. Fiber rich in vegetables, fruits, beans and grain products.

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