The good news for you like orange juice. Eating an orange is associated with reducing the risk of stroke or stroke.

The key may be in the orange substance called hesperidin improves blood flow celebrating the body, including the brain.
By using a machine called a Doppler Fluximeter scientists can measure blood flow through the skin using a laser heat.
If we take people through the machine and let them drink that contains hesperidin found in orange juice 2 cups blood pressure began to decline, and the overall blood flow increased.
When the experiment was drinking orange juice directly instead of putting their stuff hesperidin blood flow much better. In other words, the potential to reduce strokes of orange, more than substance hesperidin.
In an experiment, two groups of women who experience cold in the room a group of women who drank orange tingling in hands and feet are less cold but another group of women who did not drink orange hands very cold uncomfortable. This is because women who drink orange blood flow well physically today, while another group of women, lack of blood flow in the body so make their extremities very cold uncomfortable.
Finally, the best option to prevent high blood pressure or stroke, you should drink orange juice to 2 cups daily.  

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