Percentage is the type of plants that are almost everywhere, especially in rural colonial farm. The plant can also be used to treat various ailments and we can use them from the beginning until the leaves.  also: grapes can treat hepatitis and arthritis 

* Leaves: to grow drunk to treat fever, cough, bronchitis, hoarse, urinary tract, gonorrhea water policy, full swelling. * Tire: treatment fever, hot, lowering urine, cough, asthma, kidney stones. * or: planting drinking cure chronic dysentery, diarrhea, venom, insect bites, Abbott wrung drinking water, the treatment of diabetes. * resin: cure malaria, dysentery, woman. * borrow: healing oil is extracted from seeds: laxatives and lowers urine.  also read: (18+) natural ways to help erectile dysfunction

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