My weight is not any way that could be lost immediately, you must keep the mood and can be used the following methods:
1. eat a glass of water ktaw_aoun_ wakes up: not only can help to warm the stomach and a secret to losing weight. Ktaw_aoun_ 1 cup in the morning can make waste in the body is easily excreted from the so eat every day will not only be beneficial to health and as an aid to weight loss.
2. Choose foods based on the human body:  the human body not the same reaction in the body is not the same. So those who want to lose weight, be held to the terms of physical personal choose foods that are physical.
3. appropriate food and nutrition: Some people choose to eat vegetarian or do not eat foods that contain fat to lose weight, but this is not the way to approach effective. A vegetarian diet is helpful because it provides many nutritious vegetables in Dutch meat, but vegetarians do not eat meat cause malnutrition, lack of vitamins.
4. Bathroom warm a cup or bowl of lentil stew before meals:  can help fill the stomach makes feel full may help reduce the level of ingestion food Meanwhile, it helps heat the stomach but water or soup, the shape of the cold should avoid eat because it makes heat of the body decreases, especially those who are physically cold food cold may touch when health.
5 out of 8 pm reduce meal:  Never eat food after 9 dinner was finished drugs before 8 protein will work increases after 8 pm Besides these are feelings must not eat food blunder, otherwise, may make obese.
6. brisk walking can help to emit heat: walking can lose weight, but low strength, while brisk walking is the exercise which are effective in releasing heat plays O securities established its Major, until sweating do drugs regularly do not do 1, 2, also abandoned if management does not like exercise can reduce slightly.

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