Recently, studies of Germany has found that the roots of a tree Bowen qualities can help against diabetes. 
   anti-inflammatory elements Timor cheese Evans (Amorfrutins) from the roots of a tree Bowen was found to help reduce blood sugar levels experimental mice. In addition, a study has found that substances Timor cheese Evans helped protect mice from the development of fat in the liver and increase control vs. Julien Inn, scientists confirmed that Em can be used to treat a variety abnormal burning energy some complicated.  also read: want others love, you can try these methods

Studies have found that Timor francs AIDS by promoting genes that help reduce glucose and fatty acids, some of which it may help prevent the development of counter-Su Lin. But scientists confirmed that Timor cheese Evans efficient, low in sugar or wooden Em. 
   Earlier this year, the study, publishers have found that 2 Em can kill bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. But in ancient Chinese medical standards or Em was used extensively in the treatment of respiratory problems until the system issues metabolism. 

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