Stress AIDS are often treated as cholera of the 20th and 21st century. Nothing but cryptic stress that HIV can lead to various diseases is why they have started seeking ways to eliminate stress For many years. How can eliminate them from buying a pet dog or even chewing gum.

Recently, Dr. Mark Sandomirsky offers some interesting advice on how to reduce the stress level of HIV to visit on television Russia.
He described several ways in which we all know, and all but the most interesting massage ear (as shown in the picture), which is helping the body's flexibility has been active in making stress levels considerably lower HIV .
Russian doctor's advice, in fact, nothing new, because the Chinese have known about this for thousands of years, according to Dr. point called Shen Men means "gate of heaven."
Dr. Sandomirsky instructed to gently massage the point Shen Men using cotton as deep breathing.He suggested that the need to listen carefully to your body and take a deep breath while massage.He was instructed to head to the left a bit when inhaled breath and then head to the right a little breath.

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