The fruit is originally from Brazil Brazil because juice contains many vitamins smells sweet odor emissions bananas, oranges, pineapples and other fruits that are called the "king of fruit juice." The fruit has many benefits such as:
  1. Relieve sore throat: can not be called as a drug that helps relieve cough rises cooling and suffer. Fruit splitting into 2 body wells shelling jujube fruit, then add honey and stir until water ktaw_aoun_ them can cause throat moist.
  2. Good digestive stomach: antivirus and empty stomach. Vitamins in fruit can encourage emissions and cleaning substances sticking in the small intestine, but does not affect anything to the walls of the small intestine and may even prevent you from getting tumors.
  3. Help lower blood pressure: The fruit is rich in protein and lower fat and pressure suits for those with high blood pressure to eat it. For the practical pressure, heart displayed clearly.
  4. Help girls that have got younger: this fruit helps create blood skarokraham could help Uncle subscription blood two upcoming single are extremely useful when the female drinking beverage This makes healthy just use clean water, planting drugs, hot and then put the Pharisees first sign in and pay skarokraham accordingly hobby.
  5. Alcohol detoxification:  banana milk can help neutralize alcohol, just fruit, bananas and milk into the machine mixcrowave them for those who prefer drinking may help sobered immediately.
  6. A toned: can warm the stomach to reduce appetite and help absorb the calories eaten in the long run can help change the body's absorption of vitamins reduce the body fat into a healthy beautiful.

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