Scientific research has shown that essential nutrient that makes tomatoes red beauty can help improve the ability to give birth for men everyone has.
In a report published by the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, United States confirmed that lycopene is important nutrient tomatoes have the ability to help improve the delivery of birth and a man's sperm quality. It helps increase the speed of swimming sperm and reduce the amount of sperm that is different from normal or perfect.
In addition, lycopene may help increase the number of cells by up to 70 percent.
Ashok Agarwal Leadership Studies and is the Managing Director of Reproductive Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, said it is part of a general pattern that the nutrient lycopene benefits to the male reproductive organs. He said the need to create a larger experience to analyze the effectiveness of lycopene on man's ability to give birth. Moreover, future studies need to distinguish whether the patient group who will get greater benefits from the treatment means we need to compare pharmaceutical lycopene used on male infertility give birth.
Separately, another study has found that the nutrient lycopene may help reduce the chance of disease of the prostate (gland produces semen) and can slow down or even abolished once the evolutionary process development into cancer.

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