Banana bark, not only can be eaten raw, but also have many benefits for you. In some countries, they do not throw banana bark because it qualified to beauty because it contains antioxidants and rich potassium, magnesium.  

1. Make teeth
yellow teeth can be a problem, especially when your job is required to speak in front of so many people every day. To natural teeth rubbing a banana skin once a day and waiting to see results in a week.
2. Insect bites
children susceptible to insect bites than adults. They prefer to scratch that causes Krishna ntuo red.When this happens you have to do is take a banana peel to rub on the bite to relieve itching.
 3. Treatment mole
mole is a concern of the people and it grows everywhere without expectations. As we get older mole will be more, and it also makes us ashamed when the crowd. The best way to get rid of moles is real banana skin on the mole, and left overnight. It lasts 1-2 weeks and you will see great results!
4. Treatment before
rising teen always a tough skin and get rid of facial acne is not easy. Acne products bought from the market can not completely cure it. Banana peel will help smooth skin without the rash, red and itchy. Simply rubbing a banana peel to moisture and reduce itching and left 30 minutes is up. This day before did not dare out on your face.
5. Skin disease psoriasis
is the most common skin problems like smoking. Banana peel can help you get rid of this kind of problem skin by rubbing a banana peel on the affected areas. It will treat the area with remarkable effectiveness after a few days.
6. Cleaning of used
tires divide not only for the human body, but also for his podium appliances. Just take a banana peel to polish shoes, leather sofa leather jacket and shiny written guarantee.
7. Pain
when working all day people always physical existential pain and fatigue fatigue. We came home with physical pain and taking painkillers all the time can be dangerous to your health. Banana bark to close painful cramps and left about 20 minutes the pain will go away in an instant.

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