The study found that drinking half a glass of red wine in 1 day may help protect against colon cancer.
The study found that foods that taste wine may protect against colon cancer, cancer ranks No. 3, which killed half a million people worldwide each year.

Researchers at the University of California have discovered a substance in grapes called Ray trol that can prevent the spread of cancer . They hope this discovery can also create means of prevention can also help treat cancer.
Dr. Hock Khom research leaders, the official said, the findings are exciting because it shows that the substances in p jar wine can prevent colon cancer.
They've done studies on colon cancer patientsA group of people to drink pills Ray trol while another group to drink wine jar powder 120 g 1 water mixed with 80 g in 1 day.
While pills Ray Lowe trol can not affect existing tumor biopsy to look at hospital Tests showed that patients who drank grape powder 120 g in 1 day mixed with 80 g in 1 day significantly reduced 
a signal in cells that lead to the spread of cancer.
Ray trol was found in tire broth, 80 grams is the equivalent of half a glass of wine.

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