If you like spicy food, this may be good news for you. Gradually add ingredients to the diet, especially peppers may help improve heart health Dong and prevent heart disease. Even if you do not like a lot of ingredients in foods, but add the peppers can be very useful. The study says the peppers, which have the ability to make your tongue sensation because of its spicy, can also take care of the heart muscle stronger and stronger.

A study published in the European Public Health showed that eating chili has no side effects on metabolism. Previously it was thought that eating too many peppers can cause stomach acid and heartburn. But studies have concluded that this does not affect the nature of metabolism but have lower resting heart rate and blood pressure go after tracking peppers diet for 4 weeks already. this does not mean eating peppers. But the study says that you should grind the peppers and 30 grams per day with your diet.However, the study did not show results overnight. In fact, it also has significant health changes ajor in eating chili first week. But what you get is men benefit more than women.

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